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Roy McNabb

Hi my name is Royland, I joined SMHR in late 1997 and trained as a producer on the Thursday night request show. Soon after that I was given the opportunity to be trained as a presenter. Since, my greatest passion is the Love of Jesus Christ I had no problem in deciding the type of show I would like to broadcast.

SMH is a world famous hospital and as such attracts patients and Staff from all around the world. Some patients will therefore be far from home and need a friend. If I can raise a smile or get someone’s mind off their illness even for a fleeting moment then my job would have been done. I consider it an absolute joy to share with the patients and staff at SMH on a weekly basis.

My involvement's with SMHR have been at many levels including, Producer, ward visits and fund raising. I have also organised two local concerts ‘Gospel Delights I & II’ and donated all the proceeds to SMHR.

One of my biggest radio highlights to date was receiving the Andrew cross certificate of commendation for the category best music based programme for The Gospel Sector. The Good news show was short listed in the hospital/campus/RSL category in 1999.

By day I am a Mechanical Design Engineer. My queen is Cecile and together we have three children, two princesses and a prince. Other leisure activities include chillin’ with the family, writing music and singing.