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Matthew Horton

Hi, I'm Matthew and I joined SMHR in May 2011. I have had an interest in broadcasting for a few years before this and SMHR has helped me to fulfil this goal.

I have a wide range of music which is mainly pop including many famous groups such as ABBA, Queen and Coldplay. I began producing on the Friday Night Request Show and Entertainment Tuesday, I then moved onto the Wednesday Night Request Show and a technology show called the Modern World. After a few months, I was given the opportunity to present the Wednesday Night Request Show before moving on my current show, Tech Today.

Tech Today was influenced by Modern World, having had an interest in the latest technology for many years and also growing up watching Formula 1, I combined the two into an hour show, which I present every Wednesday Evening.

During the day, I work in the on-site Information Technology Support Team at the hospital and therefore realise how important SMHR can be in helping patients, the hospital staff are always very busy and cannot always be there.

If you are listening to us in the National Spinal Unit or the Florence Nightingale Hospice on the TV, you will have seen one of my many projects of improving the radio station's methods of broadcasting. By using a Raspberry Pi (a little computer designed for learning to program) we are able to stream SMHR to your bedside using the Trust Computer network. There are similar systems being rolled out in other areas of the trust too, we are always trying to improve our technology at SMHR, have a look at our news pages for the latest projects.

I work very closely with SMHR's Chief Engineer, Simon Daniels, between us we have completed some fantastic work updating the station and bringing SMHR up to modern standards. Not only we have an app to allow you to use your smart device to listen to the station, we have broadcast some events such as the trust staff awards to patients and staff using the internet. We have broadcast from remote locations of the hospital and beyond too including the Aylesbury Gateway Centre to using some fantastic software and hardware as well as many other locations too.

If you see me around the hospital feel free to ask for a request as I would like to hear from you. I wish all the patients a speedy recovery, I hope that you enjoy our shows here at SMHR.