Colin Morton

I originally joined the station in 1992. During my time I went from producing and then hosting a request show, presented a weekly sports and entertainment show and stood in on most other shows at one time or another, but the show I have the fondest memory of is the Magazine Show which I originally joined in the early 90s.

I went on to be one of the show’s two main presenters (alongside the fabulous Helen Lee) bringing news, views and reviews from around the vale. I also got involved in a variety of roles behind the scenes from tuck shop keeper to programme controller.

After eight fantastic years at the station I was offered a full time job at the local radio station so on Friday 11th February 2000 I co-hosted my “final” magazine show.

In 2011, having switched careers I was invited to visit the station at its new home. As soon as I stepped through the door to be met by Mark Withey (as I had been on my first visit in 1992) I knew I wanted to come home. There have been a few changes in personnel and the equipment used but the warm welcome was still the same.

After a short stint on weekends and covering holidays on the Chart Show, I was honoured to be given the opportunity to bring back the Magazine show to the Friday night schedule once a month.

Although refreshed for a new era, the key elements of local news, sport and entertainment remain. We also invite members of Stoke Mandeville Hospital to come and have a chat about what they do inside and out of their time at work.

Musically, you are just as likely to see me “rocking out” to Oasis or Arctic Monkeys as you are to hear me “cheesing it up” with Steps, Girls Aloud and the legendary SClub or relaxing to Bruno Mars and Pixie Lott. I’ve even been known to catch the odd Eurovision or 40!

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